[pptp-server] Help - PPTP 1.0.0, PPP 2.8.10, RH6.1

Eric Stratte estradey at pullman.com
Sun Nov 7 15:14:15 CST 1999

I've gotten it to work mostly, with lots of help from tmk -- Thanks!

I think ARP may be broken on my setup.  I still get NOARP on the ppp0
I have the arp --set ...etc. in ip-up.local and I have done echo

But,  I have setup the folowing IPCHAINS rules that correctly forward

:input ACCEPT
:forward DENY
:output ACCEPT
ipchains -A forward -s  -i eth0 -j ACCEPT forward any ppp
subnet traffic to the local nic/net
ipchains -A forward  -d ! -i eth1 -j MASQ handle outbound
internet traffic
ipchains -A forward  -d -i ppp0 -j ACCEPT send stuff out
to the ppp interfaces
last line repeated for ppp1, ppp2, etc.

Now this allows everyone to appear on the subnet, but
broadcast packets don't seem to make it all the way through...to all
do I need another ipchains line for the broadcast address forward to
pppx?(i.e x.x.x.255)

and, alas,  I cannot get MSCHAP to work.  I have PPP-2.3.10 and it asked
for rc4_skey.c and rc4_lol.h(sp?) when making modules in
/usr/src/kernel  I copied everything from SSLeay0.9... and tweaked a few
headers to get it to compile.  Do I need to compile the SSL package??
I thought I saw something about this on the list archives, but I
couldn't find it again...

Now to work on IPX

This is fun :)


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