[pptp-server] Detailed Instruction Set Re-Visited

Michael Walter walterm at Gliatech.com
Fri Nov 12 01:12:17 CST 1999

Hello All,
Well, the detailed instruction set has unfortuanetly fallen to the back
burner as other work crowds my day.  It has been heavily revised but is
still not a complete version.  I am posting the latest version as many of
the questions I have seen lately are referenced in the document.  I have not
had time to verify/test some key things thoroughly(Firewalling, all but
basic install on RH 5.2, etc...)  And a few things are last minute additions
today for this posting.  That neo disclaimer being said, here is the current
Detailed Instruction Set...
 <<Redhat Poptop Instructions.html>> 

Michael J. Walter mcse
Gliatech, Inc.
walterm at gliatech.com
mwalter at drwalter.com

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