[pptp-server] Re: pptp-server PPP 2.3.10

Jason M. Felice jasonf at Baldwingroup.COM
Fri Nov 12 08:41:30 CST 1999

On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 08:23:41AM -0600, Chris Swan wrote:
> Check top and see if syslog is the process that's grinding away.  I've
> had this happen before, but I'm still not sure what causes it.  I had
> clients connecting from behind an NT proxy server to my pptpd, and the
> log file for pptpd would just start loading itself up with out of
> order (and other) packet errors.  I suspect it was something funky on
> the connection from the client's providers.
> Look at the pptpd log and see if it's _really_ big.
> Removing the debug flag for pptpd and stop/starting syslogd might stop
> it, for now.  For me, the problem cleared itself up.

I've had the same problem, there is a patch below.

Now I have a copy of pptp that doesn't have a race condition, but still doesn't
work  *sigh*

-Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice

--- pptpctrl.c.orig	Thu Oct 21 09:43:49 1999
+++ pptpctrl.c	Thu Oct 21 09:47:14 1999
@@ -454,6 +454,10 @@
 		/* Wait for STOP CTRL CONN RQST or RPLY */
 		while (select(clientSocket + 1, &connSet, NULL, NULL, &tv) == 1) {
 			switch((pkt = read_pptp_packet(clientSocket, packet, rply_packet, &rply_size))) {
+			case 0:
+			case -1:
+				syslog(LOG_WARNING, "CTRL: Can't read message in disconnect sequence.");
+				goto skip;
 				send_pptp_packet(clientSocket, rply_packet, rply_size);
 				goto skip;

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