[pptp-server] Re: pptp-server PPP 2.3.10

Chris Swan cswan at connectria.com
Fri Nov 12 08:23:54 CST 1999

Check top and see if syslog is the process that's grinding away.  I've
had this happen before, but I'm still not sure what causes it.  I had
clients connecting from behind an NT proxy server to my pptpd, and the
log file for pptpd would just start loading itself up with out of
order (and other) packet errors.  I suspect it was something funky on
the connection from the client's providers.

Look at the pptpd log and see if it's _really_ big.

Removing the debug flag for pptpd and stop/starting syslogd might stop
it, for now.  For me, the problem cleared itself up.

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> Also,
> since compiling my own kernel the disk has been thrashing.
> says I have about 1 MB free Mem, and 0 used Swap, anyone know what
> thrasing's from?
> df shows I have 98% of my disk used.
> I know this is off topic, but I thought since it was a problem I'm
> encountering in the course of this install, maybe you could help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt Grab
> mis at cindyrowe.com
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