[pptp-server] Dialup and VPN

Ryan Medlin ryan at ifg.net
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Hi all,

I  have a Winnt machine running steelhead and the Routing and Remote access
service.  I  also have another Winnt machine running just the regular RAS

I can connect to the regular server but not the machine with RRAS installed.
The regular computer is a member of the domain while the RRAS server is a
standalone server.

Both work when i use a win 98 client to connect.

it lkooks like i had better just gothe linux-linux route for both sides...


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Hi !
I want to excuse me if this is a stupid question, but as my english is not
the best I hope to clarify soe point for me.

I need a solution for the following configuration

Dialup-User with WIN9x or NT connects to the Internet via his ISP

Company has a Firewall and behind this a Server ( Linux or NT ) with a

I need to have a encrypted connection from the Dialup-User to the Server.

I found solution for Server-Server-VPN. But I coudn´t find a solution for a
Oh the SQL-Data is displayed via a SQL-Client-Application and not http, so
SSL is no solution !

For your help, thanks in advance.


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