[pptp-server] IPX quext-shuns...again

Eric Stratte estradey at *remove*pullman.com
Wed Nov 17 21:36:11 CST 1999


    I am wondering on any tricks that I might need to make IPX work over
PPTP I have looked at most of the IPX stuff I can find, here and
elsewhere to little avail.  I have not 'tried everything' since some of
the steps take alot of time I don't have(sorry for the sob story)

I have PPTP up and working for TCP/IP.  eth0(LAN) has IPX up with
etherII protocol and the pppx adapters come up with IPX when a win
client connects to them.

The weird thing is that with or without an internal_net, the
/usr/sbin/ipxd -d always seems to ignore all of the RIP and SAP
messages.  (non-local net) it says with arrogance...

IPX is compiled into kernel(2.2.12-RH6.1), but the "FULL INTERNAL IPX.."
thing is not, the help for this option is vague, but gave me the
impression I didn't need it.

pppd is 2.3.10 and I've followed tmk's IPX + PPTP HOWTO v0.1.
When I compiled pppd I did not set the two flags, I think they are
something like USE_MSWIN and something else.  I can't seem to find these
now, must have been a late haze...maybe ignore this last line??

any info would help before I start trying everything...


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