[pptp-server] PPTP access for Entire Network

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Wed Nov 17 18:15:59 CST 1999

> Hello,


>     I've got a pptp server up and running and can access it from Windows
> 95/98 over the Internet. I've also got pptp access from my internal LAN
> through a firewall to the pptp server on the Internet (Used VPN
> HOWTO). Each client uses Microsoft's VPN adapter.

ok, so you have 2 types of clients, those that connect directly, and those
that masq through a firewall.

>     However, only one user can reliably access the network the pptp server
> is on. I'm using Redhat 6.1 at both ends, and according to the howto it
> should work. Any suggestions?

One user at a time? or one user at a time from behind the masqd firewall? If
the latter is the case, the pptp masq most likely only reliably supports one
connection at a time. I dont know though.

>     I'm also thinking about trying to use the Linux pptp client on the
> remote firewall. Would this then allow the internal LAN to connect to the
> external network without using the Microsoft VPN adapter? Is VPN
> masquerading still required? Anybody done this?

if you create a pptp connectino to the remote pptpd server using the pptp
clinet (both sides linux) then you will need only to add routes for the
remote networks. None of the clients even need to know there is a tunnel.
The local and remote networks need to be on different subnets.

>     My other option is to use vpnd. Has anybody used this?

i've never used vpnd, but there are other ways to do it.. ssh and some
scripts is one way, pptp is another,
ipsec + masq is a third, basically anything that can create a ppp device or
secure pathway from one end to the other will work.


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