[pptp-server] problem using pptp ...

jean-Paul Chavant chavant at geosys.fr
Wed Nov 24 07:42:59 CST 1999


on linux box with 2.2.13 kernel
i patch suuccesfull
i compiled my kernel (because it doens t haveloadable module activated)
i compiled ppp 2.3.8 with mppe patch
and i made these commands :

[root at vpn distant]# cd /usr/src/linux
[root at vpn linux]# rmmod ppp
[root at vpn linux]# insmod slhc
/lib/modules/2.2.13-7mdk/net/slhc.o: a module named slhc already exists
[root at vpn linux]# insmod ppp
[root at vpn linux]# insmod bsd comp
insmod: bsd: no module by that name found
[root at vpn linux]# insmod ppp deflate

here nothing else ... system is blocked ...

I have to do a CRTL-C to stop the operation ...

Next i compiled pptp-1.0.0 ... no problem.

My question is :
- is pppd invoqued by pptpd or it had to be launched at start up or by inetd
- pptpd have to be launched at the start up or by inetd ?
- when i launched pptpd i have this message :

No free connection slots or IPs available - no more client can connect !

There is a response oin the pptp FAQ but i don't understand ... what i have
to do ?

Finally, when i connect to my vpn server with win95 (with DUN1.3) i have
this message :

Error 629 : you have been disconnected from the computer you dialed ... etc

Can you help me please ?


Jean-Paul Chavant

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