[pptp-server] RE: previous request

Thierry Coutelier thierry at sendar.prophecy.lu
Sat Nov 27 06:38:15 CST 1999


The problem was neither with kernel, ppptp or pppd.
It had to be with the Network card and the switch 
  ans some CAM (MAC routing) that somehow just
  did not forward the traffic.
I had to change the network CARDS (stole some
   from other server), change the IP address and reset
   the switch.

After some days sleep I will try to reposuce the error on some other

If you relied to the list I could not get the message.
Seems I don't recieve the messages from the list (perhaps
   because my e-mail addy was not reachable for some time)

Good night (hum it's day now again)

Thierry.Coutelier at prophecy.lu
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