[pptp-server] Bug in PPTPD or PPPD

martin at simpli.net martin at simpli.net
Mon Oct 18 13:59:10 CDT 1999

Hi all,

Well there something wrong in pptpd when we tell to pptpd to take a 
different options file it work and not:

he take the options file but check the default options file so if you 
have set pptpd to take the options file called: options.pptpd he will 
look at it but will take info of the default one: options...

this is a problem cause we have a pppoed deamon tha use the default 
options file (he dont have the option to config a other one... but Im 
in communication with the developper to make change ...) so for now I 
cant have pptpd and pppoed running at same time cause the default 
options file interfer with the pptpd config so maybe you should check 
that ... this make error 629, 650 on my windows box but if I remove 
the default options file there no problems...

so give some feedback on that please!

and thanks again for pptpd


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