[pptp-server] pptp problems on solaris

Christopher M. Meyers meyers at vautomation.com
Tue Sep 21 15:33:25 CDT 1999

Solaris problems with pptp.

I'm having difficultly consistently connecting to PPTP over our company
LAN.  I'm managed 2
sucessful connections (out of 15 or so) to PPTPD from the my windows 95
laptop.  When PPTP
doesn't connect,  windows 95 hangs and there are no messages in the
syslog.  The sucessful
attempts to pptd did yield plenty of debug info in /var/adm/messages and
a sucessful pppd login.
 I've tried to kill and restart pptpd many times.  Could this be a
conflict with inetd?


   Solaris 2.6/ pptpd built using gcc 2.6
   Windows machine: MSWin95 & DUN 1.3
    pppd 2.3.10

Any help would be apprecieated.  Thanks!

Christopher M. Meyers                   | Vautomation, Inc.
meyers at vautomation.com                  | 402 Amherst Street
Office: +1 (603) 882-2282 x21           | Suite 100
Fax   : +1 (603) 882-1587               | Nashua, NH 03063

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