[pptp-server] pptpd installation questions on Solaris 2.6

jjchoi at balhae.sec.samsung.co.kr jjchoi at balhae.sec.samsung.co.kr
Sun Sep 26 20:31:22 CDT 1999

Dear all,

I want to install pptpd on Solaris 2.6. 

1. HOWTO document includes only linux case.
So I did below command with substitution svr4 for linux.
 [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4.h ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
 [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4_enc.c ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
Am I right?

2. I want to know this result is right.
	# patch -p0 < ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff
	  Looks like a unified context diff.
	File to patch: 
then.. what do I type here?

Jaejin Choi
jjchoi at balhae.sec.samsung.co.kr

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