[pptp-server] NetBSD or Linux and LAN Inet connection

Scott R. Burns Scott.Burns at Netcontech.Com
Sun Sep 26 22:13:04 CDT 1999

I am looking at setting up a PPTP server in a clients office to allow 
Windows workstations in remote offices to connect. The server in the head 
office will be connected to the internet via a ADSL line with a dedicated 
router at the site with a second NIC card in the PC (ie. No modems on the 
"pptpd" server, just a second NIC connected to the ISP supplied router.

It would appear that PPTP is somehow integrated with the 'pppd' software ? 
Does this mean that the software will only work if the pptpd is running on 
a host offering it's serial ports up via pppd ?

Is this true ?

Can I offer up PPTP connections from the host if I am not running pppd on 
it ?

Has anyone run on NetBSD V1.3.1 or higher on Ix86 ?



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