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tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Mon Apr 17 17:24:32 CDT 2000

18megs in 18 minutes is about a meg a minute, and that is about 20k/sec
which is a pretty typical cable modem speed.. Perhaps a little on the slow
side, but certainly still in the expected speed range.

if you can, try this (as a test): run samba straight from the firewall
machine and try transferring a large file (> 1 meg).. see if it is
signifigantly faster than with poptop in between. If it isnt, then check out
some speed optimisations for samba.. if it is faster, post to the list and
we can dig deeper


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> Hi All:
> It's my first time posting. I set up PPTP on my RH 6.1 Firewall, with
> doing WINS. The transfer speed seems a little slow, server is on 10Meg
> fiber, and the clients are on cable modems. I timed a windows drag & drop
> on a 18 meg file, it took about 18 minutes. Is there a way to speed this
> up?? The server is a P2 266- 64meg RAM.
>  Thanks in Advance
> Jerry Vonau
> Winnipeg Motor Express
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