[pptp-server] VPN, Firewall ... Please Help

Brian L. DiMambro dimambro at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 18 11:12:14 CDT 2000

Hi all.

I'm still having a bit of a problem getting ppp to tunnel through a
fairly restrictive set of firewall rules. I am using Robert Zeigler's FW
config tool and have everything working except VPN. This is a deny all
script that then allows only certain ports/protos through. I have a
fairly open script that I am using at the present that works just fine.
I kick in the new script and the VPN goes in the toilet. When I connect,
I get no errors from ppptd in the syslog. I think I've got it mostly
working except now it looks like I've got a routing problem. Prior to my
latest attempt I was getting "request timed out" from my Windoze client
if I tried to ping a system on the private network, now I get
"destination host unreachable" ... looks like a routing/forwarding
problem. I'm not seeing it. Everything looks the same in the routing
tables prior to executing the rules script and after. I'm kind of
running into a wall here and would appreciate any help given.

On this network we are only using tcp stuff .. no netbios/netbt/samba
stuff. I only want to be able to ssh, http, ftp and ping. Along with
ping ... ssh, ftp and http also stop working.

BTW: The VPN and firewall are the same system .....

On Linux VPN Server

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