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Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Aug 1 06:34:46 CDT 2000

>> PPTP does not dial the modem/etc... it uses and ALREADY EXISTING IP
>> connection to establish the VPN (and thats the only way it works AFAIK). 
>> You would use ipppd to create your ISP/dial connection, then establish
>> the VPN using pptp and pppd.
>Thank you for the answer but the problem is not clear for me (excuse me
>for the insistence and for my horrible English).
>I use a debian 2.1 (slink) with isdn4linux; when I connect to internet
>on my linux-box the pppd deamon don't run but _only_ ipppd.
>How could I use pptpd? Must I execute pppd manually? Excuse me but I'm
>really a beginner!

That's fine.  PPTP will not effect how you currently connect to the internet. 
That creates a IP connection through which you can contact the VPN server (your
office, etc...)  You then run "pptp vpn.servers.name call vpn"  This starts the
PPTP which does some initial negotiation with the VPN server and then starts
PPPD with the options "call vpn".  "call vpn" instructs pppd to read it's
options out of /etc/ppp/peers/vpn (at least on my distribution), where you can
set things like mru, mtu, etc....  So if the VPN is up you should see ipppd,
pptp, and pppd running.  There have been scripts posted on this list that
"automate" the pptp connection process somewhat.

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