[pptp-server] (no subject)

Giuseppe Bordoni giuseppebordoni at tiscalinet.it
Tue Aug 1 04:37:51 CDT 2000

> PPTP does not dial the modem/etc... it uses and ALREADY EXISTING IP 
> connection to establish the VPN (and thats the only way it works AFAIK).  
> You would use ipppd to create your ISP/dial connection, then establish 
> the VPN using pptp and pppd.

Thank you for the answer but the problem is not clear for me (excuse me
for the insistence and for my horrible English).
I use a debian 2.1 (slink) with isdn4linux; when I connect to internet
on my linux-box the pppd deamon don't run but _only_ ipppd.
How could I use pptpd? Must I execute pppd manually? Excuse me but I'm
really a beginner!


Giuseppe Bordoni

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