[pptp-server] getting started with pptp

Brian Denheyer bdenheyer at nextcomminc.com
Tue Aug 1 17:26:18 CDT 2000

I've noticed that the how-to is out of date.  I was wondering if there
is a more up-to-date how to document somewhere.  In the meantime, here
is my version of the old howto modified by what I think needs to be
done.  I'd like to have some idea of what I am doing before I get

1. Grab yourself a clean copy of the PPP daemon v2.3.8 (ppp-2.3.8.tar.gz).
I've got ppp 2.3.10

2. Grab yourself the MSCHAPv2/MPPE diff file from:

** I grabbed the ppp-2.3.10 diffs plus the stateless patch.

3. Grab yourself the SSLeay-0.6.6b file from:

** As far as I can tell there is no 0.6.6b so I got the latest - 0.9b

4. You should now have 3 files:

**    How about 4 files :


 Copy these files to your preferred location (I prefer /usr/local/src/) 

** Me too.

5. Assuming your files are in /usr/local/src/ and your current working
        directory is also /usr/local/src/ do the following:
                [tar zxvf ppp-2.3.8.tar.gz]
                [gunzip ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff.gz]
                [tar zxvf SSLeay-0.6.6b.tar.gz]
                [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4.h ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
                [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4_enc.c ppp-2.3.8/linux/]
      [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4.h /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/]
      [cp SSLeay-0.6.6b/crypto/rc4/rc4_enc.c /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/]
      [cp ppp-2.3.8-patch1 ppp-2.3.8/pppd]
      [cd ppp-2.3.8/pppd]
      [patch -p0 < ppp-2.3.8-patch1]

                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Huh ??  
                                     There is no equivalent 2.3.10 file.

      [cd /usr/local/src/]
                [patch -p0 < ppp-2.3.8-mppe-others-norc4_TH7.diff]
                [cd ppp-2.3.8]

Even with this step there are problems.  Apparently you need
the "key" file also.

Also , does anyone know why applying the mppe_stateless patch fails ?
It looks like it should work just fine....  (and no it's not the
dreaded CR/NL problem.  ignoring whitespace doesn't work either.  Is
it just me or is patch kind of sensitive program ? )

Step 6 failed miserably for me, I wasn't able to build the kernel.
Any pointers will be most appreciated.


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