[pptp-server] Tunneling to reach public IP address?

Sergio Dominguez sergio at omnitracs.com.mx
Fri Feb 4 12:32:23 CST 2000


     I used the button "Use default gateway on remote network" on the
VPN connection properties. Good thing about this is that VPN clients
DO reach my whole network because the VPN link is the default gateway.

   Bad thing about it, is that, if the VPN client wants to BROWSE the Internet,
or even do some DNS query, all the traffic will go trough the VPN link and
then trough my corporate Internet link.

  The Networks file idea sounds great but I am clueless about it.
( the main goal here is telling my VPN client  a couple of static routes:
"send all the data going to the corporate networks (public)a.b.c.0 and
(private)  trough the VPN link, send anything else trough your ISP" ).

 Can you guys give me some clue?
 (  Yes I'm a newbie, I accept it! :(  )

Thanks in advance gents.

Jack Coats wrote:

> Just a guess... let us know if it works ...
> If I get this right you probably want to turn off the button that makes
> the PPTP link your default gateway.  ... To do all of what you want,
> you may need to set up a NETWORKS file to send all traffic for 10.x.x.x
> to the VPN and everything else out via the general gateway (via another
> link).
> Does that sound right to everyone else?
> ... Jack
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> > Hello people:
> >
> >   Given the following escenario,
> >
> > BIGSERVER has a address and a valid public internet IP address
> > VPN PoPTop has a address and a valid public internet  IP
> > address.
> > The firewall restricts any access to BIGSERVER directly.
> >
> > Is it posible to configure PoPToP so it can redirect access from
> > workstations ... to BIGSERVER.company.com?
> >....

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