[pptp-server] select() error...

Nathan Meyers nmeyers at javalinux.net
Thu Feb 17 00:17:01 CST 2000

Mark Rolen wrote:
> I've seen another question posted about this, but haven't found it answered
> or addressed yet while digging through the archives...
> CTRL: Error with select(), qutting

In my experience, it means the remote has closed the connection. I see
it at the end of every normal, successful PPTP session when I close the
connection from the remote PC.

The select() function is a standard libc function, and is commonly used
by programs managing multiple file descriptors (such as servers managing
network connections) to wait for any one of those descriptors to
indicate readiness to send or receive data.


> I see this after my client has initiated a connection with the server, and
> it results in the closing of the control connection and a 'disconnected'
> error on my windows box.  I've seen in my successful connections that I get
> this error where I normally see the MSCHAP-v2 authentication success
> message; is the select() function part of the chap authentication, or is it
> a bit more 'generic' than that, and this is just coincidence?  I see I also
> have select() errors when I stop a normal, successful vpn connection.
> So far, the only way I've found to address this is to kill pptpd and remove
> all of the corresponding modules, then reload them.  I've only been trying
> this a few hours now, but strangely enough it seems as though, if I start
> them right back up, I'm still getting the errors, but if the systems sits
> for a bit, then I start them up, it works.  Perhaps I've pissed it off
> somehow...   : )   This isn't really scientific or anything, I've only seen
> this behaviour twice, but it's notable that the delay before restarting the
> services has seemed to be the ticket twice in a row.
> Has this issue already been hashed out and solved, and I just haven't found
> it in the archives yet?  If anyone would care to point me to a narrower
> path, I'm more than happy to read up on it...
> Thanks,
> Mark Rolen
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                   Name: winmail.dat
>    winmail.dat    Type: application/ms-tnef
>               Encoding: base64

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