[pptp-server] State-based Firewall and VPN Server on One Box?

Robinson, Eric R. erobinson at dot.state.nv.us
Thu Jan 13 14:58:22 CST 2000


I've been "lurking" on this list for a while and now I have a question for
the assembly. 

I'm looking for a nice, clean, single-box Linux solution for state-based
firewalling, true NAT and VPN services for Windows clients. What is your
opinion? Can that be done? Is PoPtoP part of the answer? 

When I say "true NAT," I mean that external addresses must be statically
mappable to internal hosts, and it must not matter whether the external
addresses are public or private.

I'd really like to hear some detailed opinions on this one.

Eric Robinson
Network Analyst
Nevada DOT

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