[pptp-server] pptp over SSH...

Scott England sengland at controlnet.com
Mon May 1 19:27:08 CDT 2000

You can route ip traffic via ssh, you run a ppp session inside of the ssh
session and use a detached tty and add some routes, question is why? once
you do that you have a VPN established, why run a pptp session inside that?
Using ssh to connect with  a tunneled ppp session is documented on the
vpn-howto on the ldp site.

Scott England

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is it possible to do that?  We only allow SSH traffic go into our internal
network ( and Two Servers ONLY ).  I want to be able to access the internal
network especially those NT server from my home DSL.

I have install PoPToP on one of that  two servers.  I tried to connect to
the PPTP server over SSH, of course it failed.  Finally, I realized that
SSH CANNOT forward IP protocol traffic.

What options do I have now?


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