[pptp-server] pptp over SSH...

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Tue May 2 06:15:19 CDT 2000

SSH can forwared tcp only.  Not UDP, and certainly not GRE (protocol

That being said, SSH can forward port 139 which is all you need for
accessing win shares.  You won't have browsing, etc. but at least you
can read your files.


bhkwan at thoughtworks.com wrote:
> is it possible to do that?  We only allow SSH traffic go into our internal
> network ( and Two Servers ONLY ).  I want to be able to access the internal
> network especially those NT server from my home DSL.
> I have install PoPToP on one of that  two servers.  I tried to connect to
> the PPTP server over SSH, of course it failed.  Finally, I realized that
> SSH CANNOT forward IP protocol traffic.
> What options do I have now?
> Thanks
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