[pptp-server] ppp remote user

Dung Nguyen nhdung at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 05:24:20 CDT 2000

Dear all
I am a newer for this mailing list. I am very
interested in PoPToP and i've got some things
successfully, but now i have a problem :
ppp Client	pptp Client		pptpd server
-------		---------		---------
|     |--------	|	|--------------	|	|
-------	 ppp 	---------     pptp 	---------

My problem is I can't ping from the PPP Client to PPTP
Server, although the subnet is the same. If I do
manually :
route add -net gw
on the pptp server. I can ping to the remote ppp
If Anyone can help me to do that automatically ? I
think that the problem is how to know the address of
the remote ppp client.
Thanks a lot
Dung Nguyen

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