[pptp-server] ppp remote user

Gord Belsey gord at amador.ca
Thu May 4 09:43:40 CDT 2000

For adding the route to the client, you can set up an ip-up.local file in
/etc/ppp.  ppp runs /etc/ppp/ip-up when it brins up a ppp connection.  ip-up
will run ip-up.local if it exists (and proper permissions are set....I
tripped over that one on my first set up:o).

In /etc/ppp/ip-up.local add the following line :

 route add -net $3 gw $4

ppp passes information via $1 through $5 as well as some other variables
suchas $PEERNAME.  There is also $6 which you can give a value in the
/etc/ppp/options file.  In the above route statement, $3 is the remote
clients address and $4 is the local address for the ppp connection,aka

This is a pretty basic route statement which works fine for a single client
connection.  If the client was a linux box with a LAN behind it (acting as a
router) the route statement would be more complex (this is how I'm set up).

On the second point, I'm guessing it's a windows client connecting to the
PoPToP server.  Assuming this is true, on the windows network setup, select
the option for using the remote (server) default route.  That lets the
windows client use the PoPToP server as it's gateway to "anywhere".  If this
is a linux client, you can set up routing using the ip-up.local example

Hope this is helpful.

Gord Belsey
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Subject: [pptp-server] ppp remote user

> Dear all
> I am a newer for this mailing list. I am very
> interested in PoPToP and i've got some things
> successfully, but now i have a problem :
> ppp Client pptp Client pptpd server
> ------- --------- ---------
> |     |-------- | |-------------- | |
> ------- ppp ---------     pptp ---------
> My problem is I can't ping from the PPP Client to PPTP
> Server, although the subnet is the same. If I do
> manually :
> route add -net gw
> on the pptp server. I can ping to the remote ppp
> Client.
> If Anyone can help me to do that automatically ? I
> think that the problem is how to know the address of
> the remote ppp client.
> Thanks a lot
> Dung Nguyen
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