[pptp-server] PPTP without dialup

Angus North a.north at interactive-voice.com.au
Fri May 12 02:22:38 CDT 2000


I've not been able to find an answer to my problem
in the list archives, so here's my problem!
Hopefully the answer's obvious:

I can establish a VPN if I dial in to my ISP,
then use my PPTP connection (from win 98 or NT)
to connect to my PoPToP server. Everything works fine in this case.

However, if i try to use the PPTP connection when I'm
already on a LAN which has Internet access, I can't get the
Network Neighbourhood to work.
Everything else works ok.
The proxy arp is working fine: I can ping and telnet
to the network behind the PoPToP server, but the
only thing I see in the network neighbourhood is my own
computer. I've set up the wins server using the wins-server option, and a TCP dump on the ppp link shows wins
stuff going to the server (an NT 4 server), but nothing coming back.

The poptop server's firewall is turned off, so i don't believe
that's the problem.

What's the difference that causes it to fail without the dial-up link?

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