[pptp-server] pptp.conf, options: where to put what?

michael.kappler at primedisc.com michael.kappler at primedisc.com
Fri May 12 03:57:03 CDT 2000

Hello out there,

after many nights of depair I'm running pptp 1.0.0 with all the MSCHAPv2
and MPPE patches on a SuSE 6.3 linux box (kernel 2.2.13, pppd 2.3.10)
throug a firewall and it works fine.  Now I'm thinking of replacing our
existing WinNT RAS/VPN server by that linux box. Up to now our field
workers get access to our LAN via Internet. There is a special pool of ip
addresses on the NT-server and if someone connects, the clients gets one of
the addresses out of that pool.

But I'm a bit confused where and how to put the ip-address assignment to at
my linux: there is the pptpd.conf, where I can set local and remote
addresses, there is the options file (of pppd) where I can assign addresses
and there can be some special option files (like options.ttyXX) where I can
put different options.

Can anyone tell me where to put which options or where to get the answers?

Many thanks so far.


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