[pptp-server] pptp.conf, options: where to put what?

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Fri May 12 07:44:29 CDT 2000

We also replaced our WinNT RAS with linux and have found it more stable.
We've even begun selling VPN services.

Assuming your server IP address is and you want the VPN clients to
get addresses from through you would use these lines in
the pptpd.conf file:


The VPN clients will be assigned (sequentially) the addresses.

The options.tty* concept technically works with PPTP but practically one
does not use it. The tty that pptp uses is pulled from a large pool that
uses these ttys for other uses as well. 

If you require different options for different purposes you should run two
separate pptpd daemons and configure each to use a different pptpd.conf file
using the -c option of pptpd. 

First you need to setup an IP alias on your network card. Each pptp daemon
must be tied to a different IP address.

Then create different pptpd.conf files and change the following settings to
be unique for each file:

localip (set to one of the IP addresses running on the card)
remoteip (set to use a different range of  addresses)
listen (set to one of the Ip addresses running on the card)
pidfile (set to a unique file)

Then you can change the "option" setting to reflect different pppd settings.

I use this technique when selling VPN services. This way I can give
different ip addresses for each VPM cleint as well as different, ms-wins and
ms-dns. With a RADIUS patch I should eb able to give a different
authentication database as well.


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> Hello out there,
> after many nights of depair I'm running pptp 1.0.0 with all 
> the MSCHAPv2
> and MPPE patches on a SuSE 6.3 linux box (kernel 2.2.13, pppd 2.3.10)
> throug a firewall and it works fine.  Now I'm thinking of 
> replacing our
> existing WinNT RAS/VPN server by that linux box. Up to now our field
> workers get access to our LAN via Internet. There is a 
> special pool of ip
> addresses on the NT-server and if someone connects, the 
> clients gets one of
> the addresses out of that pool.
> But I'm a bit confused where and how to put the ip-address 
> assignment to at
> my linux: there is the pptpd.conf, where I can set local and remote
> addresses, there is the options file (of pppd) where I can 
> assign addresses
> and there can be some special option files (like 
> options.ttyXX) where I can
> put different options.
> Can anyone tell me where to put which options or where to get 
> the answers?
> Many thanks so far.
> Mike
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