[pptp-server] poptop and win2k

Don Bivens dbivens at intracom.com
Fri May 12 07:56:57 CDT 2000

Maybe a little more detail is in order.  It appears that I get authenticated
but the Win2k client just stays there "loading personal settings" or
whatever the dialogue is and never finishes the logon sequence as the ldap
and kerb traffic just flow back and forth over the tunnel.  I have turned
off my roaming profile so it's not as if it's passing large amounts of data
and I'm just being impatient.  Also, Win2k doesn't rely on WINS so I don't
know what that has to do with it altho I am passing it ms-dns, and ms-wins
in the ppp options file.

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> On Wed, 10 May 2000, Don Bivens wrote:
> > Has anyone got Win2k to do a domain logon through the tunnel?  I can get
> > chap authentication but can't get on the domain.  If I watch my port
> > I see kerberos and ldap and pinging going on but that's about it.  Any
> > ideas?
> I have authenticated Win2k over a PPTP tunnel just fine. Exact same set up
> I used for Win95/98.. just configure the default workgroup/domain on the
> machine to be the remote, make sure WINS is specified, and bring the
> tunnel up.
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