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linux at orgx.co.nz linux at orgx.co.nz
Wed May 10 13:28:25 CDT 2000

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is the strange thing:  There is no 
firewall on this machine, it is simply a test machine sitting on a LAN. 
The Win98 box is on the same LAN.  So for example I get:

root at bts:~# ipchains -L
Chain input (policy ACCEPT):
Chain forward (policy ACCEPT):
Chain output (policy ACCEPT):

which means nothing is blocked right?  Also I do have packet forwarding 
turned on:

root at bts:~# cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward 

I am trying to demonstrate how this works to my boss as a 
"proof-of-concept", so that it may eventually get used on a real firewall. 
 Any more are welcome!


Richard Shepherd

"Michael Barsalou" <barjunk at attglobal.net>
05/11/00 05:20 AM
Please respond to mjbarsalou

        To:     linux at orgx.co.nz
        Subject:        GRE prob

I am surprised that you weren't able to find a fix in the archives. 
That problem you are experiencing is usually a routing or firewall 
problem.  Turn off your firewall temporarily and see if that clears 
things up.

good luck.

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