[pptp-server] PPTP without dialup

Paul Rodgers psr at lcsweb.com
Fri May 12 13:56:38 CDT 2000

 It sounds like you're not logging in to the network behind the ppptp
server.  When you dial up, you are not logged in to Microsoft Networking,
hence your machine attempts to 'login to the remote network'.  When you're
on a LAN, your already 'logged in', so it ignores the request.  If you have
a domain controller behind the ppp server, try to use domain\username for
the username.  Bottom line: this is a Microsoft Networking issue, not a
PoPTop issue (IMHO).

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  I've not been able to find an answer to my problem
  in the list archives, so here's my problem!
  Hopefully the answer's obvious:

  I can establish a VPN if I dial in to my ISP,
  then use my PPTP connection (from win 98 or NT)
  to connect to my PoPToP server. Everything works fine in this case.

  However, if i try to use the PPTP connection when I'm
  already on a LAN which has Internet access, I can't get the
  Network Neighbourhood to work.
  Everything else works ok.
  The proxy arp is working fine: I can ping and telnet
  to the network behind the PoPToP server, but the
  only thing I see in the network neighbourhood is my own
  computer. I've set up the wins server using the wins-server option, and a
TCP dump on the ppp link shows wins
  stuff going to the server (an NT 4 server), but nothing coming back.

  The poptop server's firewall is turned off, so i don't believe
  that's the problem.

  What's the difference that causes it to fail without the dial-up link?

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