[pptp-server] PPP and PoPToP--HOWTO?

Robinson, Eric erobinson at dot.state.nv.us
Tue May 16 03:45:53 CDT 2000

I have a FreeBSD 3.4 computer connected to my ISP through an Ethernet-DSL
bridge. The computer is working quite well as a firewall using Darren Reed's
IP Filter. Now I would like to add PoPToP to the machine and establish a VPN
for my remote Windows users.

Does anyone know of a good (suitable for newbies) step-by-step guide for
setting up PPP and PoPToP together? I've read the FreeBSD handbook sections
on the subject, but they approach the PPP server configuration from a
dial-up perspective. In my case, people will be connecting over the network.
I can't figure out what to do differently.

When I connect to the server, I get responses from PoPToP, but the server
ignores the client's LCP-configure request. This seems to indicate that PPP
is not starting on the server. Or maybe it is starting but it just doesn't
know where to direct the PPP stream. I dunno. Help would be greatly

A couple of quickie Q's: Can I use either kernel or user-mode PPP to run
PoPToP?. Is there any advantage of user-mode ppp over kernel ppp, or vise

Eric Robinson
Network Analyst
State of Nevada DOT

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