[pptp-server] SPARC/Linux ppp_mppe.o failure

Ian Spray iws at tadpole.co.uk
Tue May 16 10:28:00 CDT 2000


I've been through the list Archives, and have read about MPPE dependancy
failures, but after trying two different kernels I just can't fix the
following problem:

  $ depmod -a
  depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.-14.05/net/ppp_mppe.o
  $ modprobe ppp_mppe.o
  /lib/modules/2.2.-14.05/net/ppp_mppe.o: unresolved symbol __floatsidf
  /lib/modules/2.2.-14.05/net/ppp_mppe.o: unresolved symbol __adddf3

My system was configured fresh from a RedHat 6.2 SPARC iso CDROM, and I
followed the RedHat instructions on the moretonbay site, so I am running


and the diff posted last month by Tom Eastep for ppp.c (adds POLL_IN to a
kill_fasync call).

I am going to try this on a i386 machine now, but given that I can't find
the above symbols in any of the security or ppp code (plus the destination
machine will have a SPARC cpu), I wanted to know if anyone else has managed
to get ppp_mppe running under SPARC/Linux.


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