[pptp-server] PPTP basic setup

Niels Boegholm nielsboegholm at netscape.net
Sun May 21 20:42:13 CDT 2000


I have read various FAQ's on VPN, masq, etc but I am still totally confusued
on how to setup my Linux-box as a PPTP server for Win clients.

I would appreciate if someone could list out the necessary 3 (or is it 9 ?)
steps to setup PPTP server on a Linux box - hopefully without having to
compile any kernel-stuff

I have the following environment:
RH6.1, ipchains-1.3.9-3, PPTP1.0.0 (from rpm), ipmasqadm- (rpm)
Two network cards all configured peoperly (LAN, WWW,etc).

Your help appreciated - thanks,


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