[pptp-server] PPTP basic setup

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Mon May 22 05:17:03 CDT 2000

No way to get around the kernel compile stuff.   ppp works as a bunch of
modules that provide the various functionalities of the kernel.

Also, the standard pppd does not support the MS "extensions" (read: bugs
and broken standards) that have to be supported in order for Win boxes
to connect.

I know the learning curve is steep, and at many times it feels like you
have to learn ten things to do the one simple thing you need.

1.  Learn to compile the kernel.  It's not that difficult.
2.  Follow the steps in the pptp how-to.
3.  reverse engineer your ISP's connection to figure out what
combination of stuff works.  (My ISP uses freeBSD with their own MS
extentions - so I had to get my linux box to act like a windows box so
his freebsd box would look like an MS box to me.  Go figure.)


Niels Boegholm wrote:
> Hi,
> I have read various FAQ's on VPN, masq, etc but I am still totally confusued
> on how to setup my Linux-box as a PPTP server for Win clients.
> I would appreciate if someone could list out the necessary 3 (or is it 9 ?)
> steps to setup PPTP server on a Linux box - hopefully without having to
> compile any kernel-stuff
> I have the following environment:
> RH6.1, ipchains-1.3.9-3, PPTP1.0.0 (from rpm), ipmasqadm- (rpm)
> Two network cards all configured peoperly (LAN, WWW,etc).
> Your help appreciated - thanks,
> Niels
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