[pptp-server] pptp on SuSE 6.4 - NT RAS Error 629 - Linux PPP Error Signal 11

Volker Hett hett at hss-bremen.de
Tue May 23 14:01:57 CDT 2000

Stephan Klauberg wrote:
> Hi there,
Hi Stephan,

SuSE´s pppd seems to have some problems. I compiled my own and
everything went smooth :-). Ok, there are some firewall issues which I´m
just sorting out.

I´ll put my pppd-2.3.11 sources on ftp://www.hss-bremen.de/pub/ppp

I´ve patched pppd-2.3.11 with ppp-2.3.11-openssl-0.9.5-mppe.patch and
added the RC4* files. So beware of export/patent restrictions!

On a standard SuSE 6.4 installation a make install should work.


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