[pptp-server] Should I be using PPTP?

Kenneth E. Lussier klussier at mclinux.com
Thu May 25 10:33:02 CDT 2000

	I am about to start setting up VPN systems for two purposes: 1) Site-to-site
and 2) Road-Warriors. The servers are going to be running on VA Linux systems
(Dual-proc 700MHz w/ 512MB RAM Quad ethernet), and the RW clients will be both
Linux and Windows (laptops, home pc's, etc.). I plan on having the VPN servers
on both the external network (internet) and the inside LAN. Before I get
started, I have several questions:

1) I plan on using IPSec (FreeS/WAN) for site-to-site. Can PPTP co-exist on
the same server?
2) How many simultaneous connections can PPTPd handle?
3) Is there any way to make pptpd use either shadow passwords or NIS for
4) Will the Road-warriors be able to access the entire internal network once
5) What is the maximum level of encryption possible, and how do I force it to
use it?

Any and all comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kenny Lussier
Systems Administrator
Mission Critical Linux
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