[pptp-server] Should I be using PPTP?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu May 25 12:58:09 CDT 2000

>I am about to start setting up VPN systems for two purposes: 
>1) Site-to-site
>2) Road-Warriors. 

>1) I plan on using IPSec (FreeS/WAN) for site-to-site. Can PPTP co-exist on
>the same server?

Don't see why not, they listen on diffrent ports.

>2) How many simultaneous connections can PPTPd handle?

This is in FAQ as I recall. 

>3) Is there any way to make pptpd use either shadow passwords or NIS for

There is a patch to support smbpasswd (Samba) and I have mine working against NT
hashes stored in an LDAP directory.  I hope to have a site up about my ugly
patch soon.

>4) Will the Road-warriors be able to access the entire internal network
>once connected?

With proxy-arp and a WINS server it will be just like they are on the network.

>5) What is the maximum level of encryption possible, and how do I force it
>to use it?

There is a patch to force MPPE encryption.  PPTP goes as high as 128bit.

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