[pptp-server] Multiple clients from one IP

Strehle Stefan Stefan.Strehle at JAW.AT
Thu May 25 19:45:09 CDT 2000

Has anyone had following situation:

We are replacing our Win NT PPTP server, where our branches can get into our
VPN. Some of the branches are using ISDN dialup routers with NAT, where a
couple of PCs are establishing connections via the router. Did work well
with NT. The PoPToP server is working well with everything else, but has
problems getting multiple connection from the same IP (nice errors,
unsupported protocol and packet disorder,..) Well i ran one more instance of
pptp on an alias interface -> worked well. But my question is, why is NT
capable of doing it and PoPToP isn't. As far as i remember NT didn't do it
before service pack 6 or so. (Since some branches have more PCs via NAT,
than we have IPs for alias interfaces, i would really like to know).
Beside these minor problems i have, PoPToP is working very reliable... very
good piece of software, if you have to be compatible to MS.
I hope i haven't missed anything of the archives....


Stefan Strehle
Zentralstelle Jugend am Werk
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