[pptp-server] Multiple clients from one IP

Mike Wronski mwronski at coredump.ae.usr.com
Thu May 25 22:28:19 CDT 2000

I think I remeber reading in the TODO section that PoPToP does not support
multiple tunnels from the same IP yet.. 


On Fri, 26 May 2000, Strehle Stefan spewed:

> Has anyone had following situation:
> We are replacing our Win NT PPTP server, where our branches can get into our
> VPN. Some of the branches are using ISDN dialup routers with NAT, where a
> couple of PCs are establishing connections via the router. Did work well
> with NT. The PoPToP server is working well with everything else, but has
> problems getting multiple connection from the same IP (nice errors,
> unsupported protocol and packet disorder,..) Well i ran one more instance of
> pptp on an alias interface -> worked well. But my question is, why is NT
> capable of doing it and PoPToP isn't. As far as i remember NT didn't do it
> before service pack 6 or so. (Since some branches have more PCs via NAT,
> than we have IPs for alias interfaces, i would really like to know).
> Beside these minor problems i have, PoPToP is working very reliable... very
> good piece of software, if you have to be compatible to MS.
> I hope i haven't missed anything of the archives....
> Stefan
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