[pptp-server] IPSec *over* PPtP

John Hovell john.hovell at home.com
Mon Sep 4 10:24:40 CDT 2000

Justin --

This is because PGPnet sucks so much, that for no discernable reason when I try
to bind PGPnet to my Ethernet card on one of the machines, I can't get any
network connectivity.  I have reinstalled the ether card 3 times... and even
installed the driver files manually by hand.  The card is a 3com PCMCIA 3c574
Cardbus card.  It works beatifully without PGPnet... The reason I am doing the
bass-ackwards configuration is because PGPnet will at least bind to the VPN
dial-up adapter... but that may be just my problem.

Any other ideas?  Thanks for your help...


Justin Kreger wrote:

> Why not setup two linux boxes to do the IPSec?  and just have the windows
> boxes use pptp so they can browse the remote network if you dint setup your
> ipsec wan so it passes the Browser List.
> -LW
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> Hello all --
> I have some Win98 boxes that want to do IPSec over their PPTP
> connection... just transport mode from one computer to another.  The
> IPSec SA is currently successful (both phase 1 and 2).. everything seems
> to be set up fine, until I atually try to send data.  If I try to ping
> the remote VPN client from the IPSec machine on the local lan I get
> (from tcpdump):
> 01:47:56.877612 < > ip-proto-50 76
> 01:47:56.972086 > > icmp: protocol
> 50 unreachable
> If I do the same thing from the remote host I get:
> 01:53:07.586184 < > icmp: echo request
> (note the lack of encryption despite the *established* SA...)
> Do I need to somehow enable protocol 50 (and 51)?? IPchains forward is
> set up to accept all traffic between these hosts.  There is no
> masquerading between the two machines.
> Does anyone know what I am missing?  FYI, I am using PGPnet 6.5.8
> Personal Privacy (freeware) on both Windows IPSec machines.
> TiA for any advice or help...
> Cheers,
> John
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