[pptp-server] Win95 Client not connecting to NT4 VPN Server behind RH6.2 Firewall

Jerry Vonau jvonau at home.com
Mon Sep 4 12:13:19 CDT 2000

I think your win95 client needs the 128bit encryption patch from ms. Email
me if you can't find it.


Peter Rendle wrote:

> I have a very perplexing problem getting a Windows 95 client connected
> to the Internet to connect via PPTP to a NT4 server behind a MASQ
> firewall.  The firewall is running RH6.2 with kernel 2.2.16-12 which has
> the ip_masq_pptp patch applied. (and module is loaded) I am using
> ipmasqadm to forward port 1723 to the NT server.  I also have ipfwd
> running for protocol 47.
> The client machine appears to connect and I get a :
> ip_masq_gre(): creating GRE masq for -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx CID=0
> MCID=5890
> from syslog.
> It then sticks on "Verifying username and password..." and eventually
> comes back with a "Error 650: The computer you're dialing in to does not
> respond to a network request."
> The big mystery is that a Windows 2000 client can connect with no
> problems at all using the same ISP and username/password.
> Please Help!
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