[pptp-server] ppp device ip's and routes not established

Jayme Johnston jaymejohnston at realitycorp.com
Thu Sep 7 13:22:16 CDT 2000

I seem to be having difficulty with pptpd or pppd not giving an ip address
to ppp0 or setting up the routing table on both the RH 6.2 Server and the
Win98 Client.

This is my setup.

RH6.2		   Linux Router (LRP)			Win98  <-- &   <--

The kernel patch for pptpd has been installed and debug information from the
Linux Router shows no error messages when a connection is made.  Windows 98
displays the 2 flashing lights in the system tray after successfully
connecting to the RH 6.2 server.

Attached is a debug.txt file I created with some relevant information from
the server.

One thing that isn't completely clear to me is what to set the local and
remote ip addresses to.  I just used ip addresses in my internal subnet
(/24).  I don't quite understand is how both the server and client know to
route all ppp information through the eth interface.  I have never setup a
ppp server before so I'm not clear on exactly how it works (the ppp howto)
is VERY old and wasn't much help.

Another thing I noticed is the ip-up and ip-down files in the /etc/ppp
directory never gets run when pppd starts or stops.

If anyone could spare a minute I would really appreciate it.

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