[pptp-server] new code and website

Dave Kempe david at solutionsfirst.net
Fri Sep 8 19:35:32 CDT 2000

Keep up the great work Matt.
Thanks very much.


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> G'day,
> I am in the process of moving and updating poptop. New code has been
> submitted and there will be a new release (1.0.1). (1.1.1 will remain
> the unstable release for now). I also have SAMBA/PoPToP integration that
> will be available. I am also collecting patches and other material over
> the last few months and basically overhauling the website and making the
> latest files and patches available all in one place. I am hoping to get
> the latest HOWTO from Mike again. (Mike?)
> The site will be poptop.lineo.com.. it is live now, but only reflects
> the old page at this time. I should be finished with all the new pages
> between 18-22 September. I am also merging in the PPTP client files and
> patches and HOWTOs.
> I apologise for slipping behind in the site maintenance but will make up
> for it soon.
> Cheers,
> Matt
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