[pptp-server] Problems with PoPToP and the LAN

Kurt Bales. kurt at jigsaw.com.au
Mon Sep 18 00:27:56 CDT 2000

I have setup the PPTP server for a client of mine, and followed the details
in the HOWTO/FAQ. After the install the VPN will authenticate 100% of the
time, but does not always allow pinging or connections to hosts. I have
setup MASQ between the remote and internal IP's as well.

Sometimes when i connect I have full and complete access to the intranet,
but the next time i connect it will authenticate but I will be unable to
ping any hosts on the internal network. Reading through the logs there is no
difference between logins for normal or broken attempts, and there appears
to be no consistency between allowing me to ping and not.

When it works - it works perfectly. When it doesnt - well....hey!

If you have any ideas please reply

Thank you,
Kurt Bales
Jigsaw Technology

BTW:- I am using SuSE 6.4, PoPToP 1.0.0, and PPP 2.3.8. Also, is there a
Kernel module required to MASQ pptp?

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