[pptp-server] LAN to LAN routing using wonderfull PopTop

Philippe PAULEAU ppauleau at cartesis.com
Mon Sep 18 06:52:13 CDT 2000

i would like to do this, like we do it with Micro$oft  Routing & RAS.

More than a classical connection from client to server, this means that we
to establish a route for the reverse way. ( for destination LAN to connect
source LAN )
Note that client and server are two routers in this case.

The routing from source LAN to destination LAN is ok. ( because the client
is connected )
The problem is for the reverse access.

As the ip given by the server is not static ( pool ), the server can give
adresses to the client. So we cannot define a static route from server to

The basic idea would be to assign a specific ip ( always the same &
different from pool )
for each chap entry ( perhaps add a parameter in chap-secrets and tweak pppd
for this )
because we cannot use the ip pool defined in pptpd.conf

Or perhaps to use ip-up script to change the route with the new assigned ip.
( as it changes )
In this case, how to know if the connection is made by the right login ?

if someone has experienced this kind of situation...please let me know your

one other question:
is it better to use an ip pool on local subnet or define a separate subnet
for ip pool ? and why ?

config is PopTOP 1.1.1 - pppd 2.3.11 mppe patched on kernel 2.2.17

> Cordialement,
> Philippe PAULEAU
> Ingénieur système et réseaux
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