[pptp-server] pptp without ppp

Adam Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon Sep 18 18:49:17 CDT 2000

> Does pptp require ppp to function?

Absolutely, yes.

> Most implementations I've been reading of pptp assume a modem or ISDN 
> for ppp.  Can I use another ethernet card instead?  See, we'll be going

Yes, in fact I think "most" times PPTP is used it isn't on the inet
connected host.

> fibre soon, so our connection will be another lan card on the gateway to 
> isp's box in the basement with the fibre connection.

MMMmmm, sounds like fun.

> Most of the documentation I've read about assumes the pptp server to be 
> the same machine as the machine that connects to the internet.  If it's
> behind this machine, is ppp still necessary, ie. does pptp require it?

Yes, your missing the "true" functionality of PPP, it is Point-To-Point.
A VPN is Point-To-Point,  pppd really has nothing to do with modems
or dialing (it lets "chat" handle that).  PPP is used for DSL lines,
Cisco routers, other type of VPNs, etc....

> (Another reason I want to do this is because, until we upgrade to fibre, 
> have to test using the modem connection, but diald-0.99-1-2 doesn't work 
> kernels 2.2.16 and 2.2.16-3 (for me anyway).  For both machines I have
> errors such as tcp.ssl errors and cannot find module tap 0, tap 1, etc.  
> topic, but anyone got a clue?)

Do you need diald for your VPN connection?  Last I checked diald was 
and no longer maintained.  PPPd itself now has deman dial capability.

> Is there any documentation anywhere for this type of scenario?  If there 
> please point me towards it.

PPTP assumes you already have an IP connection to the remote VPN 
All the documentation is about the setup you describe.

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