[pptp-server] pptp without ppp

Richard E Blauvelt richard at blauvelt.com
Mon Sep 18 18:59:21 CDT 2000

I am no expert, but I think I can answer some of your
questions from experience.

Yes, pptp requires ppp. Although this seems to imply a
dial-up type of connection, pptp works well over IP
(although I've never been able to get encryption to work
reliably because of a pptp encryption bug with handling
out-of-order packets, but that's a different story).

For example, I set up a pptp server on a Linux server
which is connected to the Internet through a cheap
cable/DSL router which is connected to a DSL modem.
On the DSL router, I forwarded port 1723 to the Linux
server. The Linux server uses a private network address,
while the router uses the public IP address assigned by
the DSL provider.

To connect via pptp from a remote MS Windows machine,
I first connect to the Internet (dial-in, cable, DSL, or
whatever), and then I use the MS VPN adapter (part of
MS Dial-Up Networking) to connect to the IP address of
of the DSL router (which forwards it to the pptp server
on the Linux server).

Works great, except for the aforementioned problems with

The DSL router is not really necessary, since you can have
Linux handle all the firewall functions.

Good luck!


At 04:15 PM 9/18/00, Lillian Kulhanek wrote:
>Hi all,
>Does pptp require ppp to function?
>Most implementations I've been reading of pptp assume a modem or ISDN line
>for ppp.  Can I use another ethernet card instead?  See, we'll be going
>fibre soon, so our connection will be another lan card on the gateway to the
>isp's box in the basement with the fibre connection.
>Most of the documentation I've read about assumes the pptp server to be on
>the same machine as the machine that connects to the internet.  If it's
>behind this machine, is ppp still necessary, ie. does pptp require it?
>(Another reason I want to do this is because, until we upgrade to fibre, I
>have to test using the modem connection, but diald-0.99-1-2 doesn't work for
>kernels 2.2.16 and 2.2.16-3 (for me anyway).  For both machines I have
>errors such as tcp.ssl errors and cannot find module tap 0, tap 1, etc.  off
>topic, but anyone got a clue?)
>Is there any documentation anywhere for this type of scenario?  If there is,
>please point me towards it.
>Thanks in advance.
>PS, if there isn't documentation, I'll take whatever I can get, put together
>what I can, and contribute for a change.  :)
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