[pptp-server] windows client problem

Alan Chung alan at silveregg.co.jp
Wed Sep 20 03:03:12 CDT 2000

Thanks for the message.  Do you have any idea how to fix this?

There was actually a little thing that occurred while I recompiled my kernel.

I copied rc4.h and rc4_enc.c into ppp-2.3.10/linux source directory and 
then make kernel, as the installation guide says.  But when I recompile my 
kernel and make modules, it appeared a error saying that other rc4* files 
are not found (such as rc4_locl.h and rc4_skey.c).  Even I knew rc4_key is 
not needed (again, as the installation says), I made copies of those two 
files from SSLeay source directory to linux/driver/net and it didn't 
complain any more.

Any idea?


>Well guess that you are missing the RC4 files.. The encryption...
>Alan Chung  (20-09-2000  02:06):
> >Hi, everyone,
> >
> >I have installed pptp server and compiled kernel modules as installation
> >guides.  Also I have patched ppp-2.3.10-openssl-norc4-mppe.patch for my
> >ppp-2.3.10.tar.gz.  NT and 98 work fine but not for 2000.  For supporting
> >128 bit, I also patched a file named "encpack_win2000admin_en" for my
> >windows 2000 machines.  But even after I patched it, I still got the 742
> >error saying that authentication mppe-128 on client side (win 2000 client)
> >is not supported.
> >
> >Does anyone have any idea?
> >
> >Alan
> >
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