[pptp-server] Network Neighborhood Recognition and Domain login behind firewall.

Kenny Austin kennya at carlislefsp.com
Wed Sep 20 11:44:42 CDT 2000

Is your PDC w2k box (or anything else for that matter) running WINS?
If not it needs to be, both for this to work smoothly and just because
it is a very hopefully service.  Anyways, get WINS running on the
internal network and make sure that the VPN clients know the WINS IP
address, either through /etc/ppp/options or set it up client side.
Once this is done your VPN clients "should" be able to browse the
internal network/find the w2k domain controller pretty easy.
Oh, and make sure that everything internal is setup to see the WINS
server too, that way they can easily find/be found by the VPN client.

Hope this was at least some what helpful, if not I'll at least enjoy
seeing my own name in my pptpd email folder.
Kenny Austin
kennya at carlislefsp.com

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behind firewall.

I finally got the PPTP software working on my Linux firewall, I want to be
able to connect to the firewall and then be able to login to the NT domain
on my w2k server behind the firewall.  I been running around in circles with
this.  I don't know if I need to interface PPTPD with Samba or something
else.  I believe if we get this problem solved we would be able to have a
very functional piece of software.

thanks in advance.

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